Inspired by Nature’s forces transmuted into images, my work evokes what lies beneath these forces and that which is common to us, humans. Other times, I depict only what is on the surface and reachable by our senses. I focus on the forms and colours that we see in nature detached from the concepts commonly related to them. Ultimately, my work represents nature’s layers, its depth and complexity, and its ecosystems, trying to approach and merge with it through its rhythm. Every detail in Nature represents a journey of self-discovery. I work with exercises on Goethean Science, which involves observation as a way to apprehend the world around us and relate to it.

The use of natural dyes is a way to promote sustainable and ecological ways of creativity. My relationship with my Peruvian heritage and culture has brought me interesting materials like the “yanchama”, a tree cortex used in some parts of South America. When I use this material, I paint with natural dyes; mineral, plant, and animal (Coccus cacti, known as Cochineal), usually depicting images that go from abstract to surreal. I also use watercolour, acid free paper, handmade cotton paper and natural dyes on wood. See detailed list of materials, brands, projects and communities related to my work used and communities related to my work.

Oils & Acrylic Paintings: